Salmon and Halibut Info

Chinook (King) salmon, Coho (Silver) salmon and Halibut are our primary fishing targets.

Chinook Salmon, Kings

Chinook (King) salmon are the fish of choice for anglers for a multitude of reasons, first of all they are a ton of fun to catch, seconds of all they are great on the BBQ, and even better smoked, and lastly who wouldn't want to catch a trophy Chinook (King) Salmon and brag about it to all their friends. All Chinook over thirty lbs are called Tyee's, A Tyee spring puts up a fierce fight and challenges even the most experienced angler. Chinook Salmon generally have a 3-5 year life cycle, with 3 year old fish generally weighing in at 18-25 lbs, 4 year old fish weighing 25-35 lbs and 5 year old fish weighing in at over 35 lbs, sometimes well over 35 lbs. Every year in Ucluelet a number of 50 lb plus Chinook (king) Salmon are landed at our docks.

Coho Salmon, Silvers

Coho Salmon are the most aggressive feeders in the Salmon family, it quite common to hit these fish in the top water while trying to get to the deeper water to target Chinooks. Late July thru August and September are the peak times to take advantage of the Sport designated fish. Coho salmon is also excellent smoked or cooked on the BBQ. A Coho Salmon life cycle is usually 2-3 years and while maturing and getting ready to spawn it is often believed that they can fatten up by as much as a lb a week. The average size of Coho in the Ucluelet are is 10-20 lbs.

Pacific Halibut, the giant of the deep

Pacific Halibut can range in size from 10lbs to well over 200 or 300 lbs, most of the halibut in our area range between 15 and 150 lbs. The smaller Halibut, often referred to as chickens are lots of fun to catch, and the big barn doors are an immense amount of work. The best eating fish are the chickens in the 15-35 lb range but anything up to 100 lbs can be great for fish and chips, much bigger than that and all you are fishing for is bragging rights. Pacific Halibut follow the herring up on the banks in early spring and fatten up for their migration into the depths in early fall. The best time to catch these fish are the months of June, July, and August.

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