Bottom Line Guarantee from Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing

Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing began its operation during the summer of 2000, since then we have grown and matured into a very succsessful Salmon and Halibut Guiding company serving Ucluelet, and the west coast of Vancouver Island.

What we promise to do for you:

We have been serving the area of Ucluelet since the summer of 2000 Provide every client the best possible fishing experience possible, at the most competitive price. At Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing we are all fisherman and family oriented. It is very important to us to offer each and every guest the same experience that we would expect if we were chartering a boat ourselves. Fishing charters are not an inexpensive purchase, a lot of time, travel, and funds go into each and every trip, and we ensure that your hard earned dollars are put to good work.

Our guides are the best in the industry and we only work with a select few to make sure that each fishing trip reaches its maximum potential. In fact, we have been working with the same fishing guides since our initial season. Our vessels and the vessels you will be fishing on are one of the following, 25 ft Proline, 25 ft Grady White, or 28 ft Grady White, all outfitted with the latest in electronics, safety gear, and fishing equipment. These vessels are designed right from factory for one specific purpose, catching fish, and let me tell you they all do that very, very, well.

The Pacific Halibut in Ucluelet are among the largest fish in the sea Along with our 3 guides, we work with a network of other charter companies and independent operators sharing fishing information on a daily basis. Our fishing network consists of over 40 different boats and operators all working together to provide each and every client on every fishing vessel the latest fishing data and area reports for all the different regions that we fish. You can never have enough fishing information and safety is a top priority, and having access to these guides and vessels provides a huge safety net and information sharing network.

The bottom line is when you choose us for your next fishing adventure, all we want you to be concerned with is catching fish, relaxing with family and friends, and enjoying your fishing vacation. Its also helps us out when you get home and all you have to say are good things to your friends about your fishing adventure in Ucluelet.

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