Ucluelet Fishing vs Alaska Fishing

We give you a good Comparison of ocean fishing in Alaska to Ucluelet BC Canada

Why fish in Ucluelet when the fishing in Alaska is so much better you may ask? The fact of the matter is the fishing in Ucluelet is quite comparable to fishing in Alaska. Our ease of accessibility combined with larger access to the Salmon and Halibut resources, combined with better limits and then considering cost make fishing in Ucluelet one of the greatest Salmon fishing destinations in the world.

Ucluelet is a quaint fishing villiage on the West Coast of Vancouver Island with a population of approximately 1200, we do not receive as much positive press as the cities of Alaska that are constantly featured on some of the most popular adventure television shows ever produced, Deadliest Catch, as an example, it is also tough to compete with the fact that Alaska is the final frontier, and part of a country that has an ever increasing population base over 300 million. Ucluelet is often overlooked and has been one of the worlds best kept Salmon fishing secrets for decades, try us once and we will become your next, and last, Salmon and Halibut fishing destination.

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