Service Comparable to High End Luxury Fishing Resorts

Here at Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing, we offer the luxury charter fishing trip of a lifetime.

Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing offers only fully guided fishing charters. How would you like to experience a luxury Salmon fishing and Halibut fishing trip of a lifetime comparable to what you would find at a high end luxury fishing resort? You are in the right place, Ucluelet is the next fishing destination for you. World class Salmon and Halibut fishing at a fraction of the cost compared to fishing lodges and resorts. We can offer this because we offer a fishing package for all budgets, are easily accessible, and you can drive right to us. (no expensive chartered float plane flights) You choose the lodging you require, the meals that suit your tastes, and ultimately you can plan your fishing trip, with your budget, your way.

A common occurrence at many high end resorts are unguided fishing trips on open 18 ft centre console fishing boats, yes an upgrade to larger charter boats with guides is sometimes available at a huge price increase, often the price increase is as much as the total cost of our charters. Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing offers only fully guided fishing charters on board vessels a minimum of 25ft in length, you will be fishing with a professional fishing guide with a minimum of a thousand guided trips under his belt.

Fishing is meant to be a enjoyable experience and the last thing you need to worry about is where to be, what time is slack tide, how do I cut plug herring, what depth to fish, do I have the right gear in the water, etc... Our guide team takes care of all of that for you, your only concern is sitting back, enjoying the scenery and reeling in the fish. Did I mention that we also guarantee that you catch fish? All of our fishing charters come with this guarantee, if you ever get skunked while fishing with Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing, that day of charter fishing is free!

Our Special Packages